Expert stump grinding in brisbane

Murray’s Tree Services are experts at stump grinding in Brisbane. We are qualified to remove the entire tree, not leaving behind any unsightly stumps that hinder the look of your garden and impact your usable space. 

When trying to renovate or just clear out your garden, tree stumps can be difficult to remove with tools that just aren’t strong enough to get that stubborn stump out of the ground. We have the right equipment, experience and skills for all expert stump grinding in Brisbane.

With decades of industry experience, our expert staff can help you with expert stump grinding in Brisbane no matter the size of the stump. For any job, big or small, give us a call on (07) 2103 2296.

A stump grinding uses a mobile equipment with a toothed wheel that rotates. This machine spins in order to turn the teeth and results in the tree stump removal. The device is moved from side to side, spanning the entire stump area. As the wheel turns and the stump is gradually ground down, little wood chips are mixed in with the surrounding dirt. This combination of known in the industry is left behind and utilised to backfill the hole left by the stump.

Tree removal & Stump grinding decreases trip hazards while also providing a stable environment for property development. After the trees have been removed, Murray’s tree service provides tree stump removal services. Depending on the customer’s needs, trees can be removed from the ground level, and stumps and roots can be removed to the underground level with the use of a stump grinder.

The original stump of the tree may still be lying deep beneath the earth after the tree has been removed. If you don’t get rid of it right away, it will deteriorate and cause more difficulties. It may just become a breeding ground for ants, termites, and other pests. It can also obstruct your landscaping and paving ideas, or worse, it can trip both children and adults.

Removal of palm trees
It is better to remove any dead or diseased fronds. To maintain your palms healthy and looking fantastic all year round, remove any unhealthy or dry fronds.
Pruning is unnecessary if your palms are green and healthy. Palms in Brisbane come in a wide range of sizes and heights, and they all look lovely around your home or property. However, for affordable tree stump removal contact experts for best advice and reliable equipment.