Expert mulching and chipping brisbane

We are experts on all things trees, providing you with quality Mulching and Chipping for your garden.

Murray’s Tree Services provide expert Mulching and Chipping in Brisbane for all residential and commercial properties. We are proud to have over 20 years of experience in the field. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to neaten up your garden and turn your removed trees into an attractive and beneficial garden covering.

If you want to get your garden back on track, making it attractive for visitors or creating a whole new, valuable look for an investment property, then look no further than our expert Mulching and chipping in Brisbane. Call us on (07) 2103 2296 for more information.

Using chipping and mulching services is the most effective approach to repurpose a removed tree and turn it into a wonderful organic fertiliser or wood chips for the garden. Black wood chip is the reprocessing of untreated lumber, removed trees, branches, and stumps to produce wood chips suitable for garden pavement. The type of wood chips produced is determined by the type of wood chipper machine used and the type of tree from which they are produced.

Mulching with wood chips is a more efficient and environmentally friendly method of removing undesirable vegetation from your property. It returns nutrients to the soil while reducing waste. It is a moderate landscape material made from stump grinding, tree removal, and other ecological activities. Trees and branches can be chipped and turned to wood chips on the spot. Mulch made of wood chips lasts longer and can be used in garden beds and under trees.

Murray’s Tree Service provides chipping and mulching services to clients as an add-on to tree removal or as a stand-alone service. Trees can be chipped and left on-site to produce much-needed mulch again for garden, or the chip can be removed and repurposed elsewhere.