Land Clearing

Murray’s Tree Services provide expert land clearing in Brisbane for residential, commercial properties and even acreage. We have the equipment and experience to complete any job safely, professionally and for an affordable price.

Our extensive land clearing services include:

  • On-site mulching and wood chipping that you can reuse
  • Complete site clearing for housing development
  • Bush land maintenance to reduce potential fire breaks
  • Storm clearing and tree disposal
  • Root and stump extraction to avoid damage to electrical wires, pipes, or other utilities
  • Stump grinding to the point where you can repurpose the land

Land clearing is a difficult and almost impossible task if you don’t have the correct tools and equipment. Why not hand the job over to the professionals. Murray’s Tree Services have the ability to clear large areas of your land, leaving it available to repurpose and reuse.

Whether you are in need of comprehensive advice or expert land clearing services in Brisbane Southside and Northern Gold Coast, give us a call today on (07) 2103 2296.

Murray’s Tree service provides simple, cost-effective, and appropriate solutions to your tree care needs, from commercial land clearing to forestry mulching.

We have a skilled crew that is knowledgeable on all areas of tree removal. We can ensure that your tree-related work is done efficiently and safely, on a small or large size, commercial or residential land clearing. We are a Brisbane based firm that takes pleasure in providing a courteous, professional service.

We have earned a solid and favourable reputation as a consequence of our dependable and timely service since 1994.
Our fleet, which includes a large tipper truck, whole tree chippers, stump grinders, excavator, bobcat, and our own crane, enables us to comfortably meet any tree-related concerns you may be experiencing related to land cleaning.

Just like you, our Arborists for site clearing service are Gold Coast and Brisbane locals. We understand the issues homeowners and body corporate managers face with overgrown vegetation. We will always offer cost-effective, practical solutions to address your tree concerns. Local government regulations and Australian standards guide our advice and service, meaning we’ll always do the right thing by the council, and the health of your trees.

Contact us now for any land clearing service near you.